Waiting for the fun to begin

Sitting in an empty church hall, dressed in my undertaker suit, waiting to go to my “gig.” Playing trumpet in the VCC/Mount Pleasant Brass Ensemble at the Odd Fellows Hall on 8th St. In Vancouver. How many years ago did I, living across the street from this church hall, watch my dad go out to jobs, dressed in his undertaker suit and carrying his trombone? Would be about 40 years ago or more, and for a duration of perhaps 15 or 20 years.

I don’t know. Is this something I need to do for reasons other than the joy of playing? Not that that would make any difference. I will no doubt continue to play as long as I am able.

Apropos of nothing; finished my Systems Analysis & Design course last night. Now I’ve completed Java 1 (Comp 1409); Database & SQL (Comp 1650); Systems Analysis (Comp 2831); and I’ve registered for Java 2 (Comp 1451).

Then I’ll be half-way through the Associate Software Developer credential from BCIT. But I think I’ll start looking to get back into the workforce this Spring.

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