Two years ago

Stumbled across this selfie I took two years ago. Seems like a million years ago. I’ve let my exercising discipline slide, but today I think I’ll head back to the gym and start over.

Exercise and the brain

Four good articles on relationships and community

Occasionally the Globe and Mail newspaper (or another newspaper) will publish an article worth sharing. I sometimes make PDF copies of those articles, and here are four of them.

When Harry and Sally Met Dick and Jane – Creating Closeness Between Couples

I’ll be your best friend if you’ll be mine — alliance hypothesis for human friendship – Science Daily

Globe and Mail If your heart is broken

Globe and Mail_ Happiness and the God spot

Weird red elbow

Woke up this morning and my wife asked “Why is your elbow so red?” It wasn’t painful; didn’t feel any different than the other (right) elbow, it was definitely a deep dark red, and it was a largish area. Seemed slightly cold or cool to the touch, compared to the other elbow.

I’ve been up now for almost an hour and I think it’s going away, but…weird.

OK…I think I know what caused this. Every day I soak my eyes with a warm wash-cloth for five minutes. Try to do it twice a day. Lately I’ve been leaning on my elbows while I do this, and somehow I bruised myself while doing that (I think).