I quit facebook (again)!

But unlike the last time, I think this one has finally done it. I deleted my facebook account 32 days ago. Yesterday I checked (tried to log in with my old username and password) and it said it had no record of me! Which is great, because I tried this once before, several years ago, and it DID let me in (after a year of me wrongly believing I’d successfully deleted the account).

One weird thing: facebook asked me if I was buzz.trumpet.vancouver@gmail.com, which is a gmail account I have. And it asked me if I wanted to log in with my name and that account ID. Presumably it would create a new facebook account with my name and that gmail ID, and would tell all my old facebook friends I was back on facebook. Definitely not what I would choose to do. Sneaky.

So now that I’ve gotten rid of facebook I’ll probably start using my old bluesmarties.com site again. I also have an Adobe website (robbins.media) which I might use more frequently, as well. I also have a substack account (ianrobbins.substack.com)

Piano Progress Videos

By way of encouraging myself to practice the piano, I’m going to video myself every few months and upload the video to Youtube. The chronicle of my progress will likely only be of interest to myself, but that’s OK. Did the first one today.

Late autumn through the rainforest

Up early in the morning to fix a problem with some timers on outside Christmas lights at our church, and then onwards for a nice cup of coffee and a scone (decaf for me) in South Granville. Then, the high point of the day, a long walk through the endownment lands forest (Pacific Spirit Park–a much nicer name, we think) and home.

Click on the image to see the rest of the photos

But then, errands to run. One of the timers was defective, necessitating a trip back to Canadian Tire for a replacement. And an electric razor blade, ordered from a shop in Toronto, arrived and needed to be collected from the post office. So long periods standing in long lines in the afternoon.

6:30 AM

We like to go out for breakfast before the sun is up. Today’s favored items included the “Big Breakfast,” a toasted bagle with egg, cheese, and bacon, and cafe lattes.