beautiful day…so much to be thankful for

Woke up with a scary dream, one that has occurred before (but thankfully not very often). A really big StarWars-ish space-ship like airplane, traveling slowly across the sky, barely visible, crashes just beyond the horizon.

It’s nice to wake up and feel relieved, knowing a nightmare was only a dream. I just finished reading Elaine Pagel’s latest book, which was on the New Testament Book of Revelation, and she sketches the political reasons behind the decision to include that book in the New Testament “canon.” In some ways her take on the Book of Revelation is like a parent’s reassuring voice to a child when the child has woken from a nightmare: The book of Revelation does have a nightmare-ish quality, and seems quite different from the other books, which riff on love, peace, forgiveness, and getting along.

It’s generally a good idea to forget nightmares. Enjoy the morning cup of coffee and let light and life surround the soul. =)

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