Time to get some traction

Time to get a handle on some personal projects, new and ongoing. Thanks to a recent course I took at BCIT in Systems Analysis, I have a licensed copy of the project management application “Microsoft Office Project 2007,” which is a great application for managing projects. I may use it for some of my own little projects. Here’s a list:

  1. Finish my ASD from BCIT
  2. Better organize the brass tubes website’s music library
  3. Fill out chrom.ca with more resources
  4. build a database management system (DBMS) for my wine making activities
  5. The Hymn Project
  6. Music ed. program at Redeemer (confirm buy-in from some key stakeholders)
  7. Plan the October wine-making event
  8. Plan the summer wine-making event
  9. Summer Brass at Redeemer/Father’s Day?
  10. Pender Island Cottage project
  11. Design and build the 21st Century Organ
  12. a new fundraising DBMS for mi
  13. mi board role definition project
  14. Redeemer 2013 centenary project
  15. Intelligence Augmentation: lifelines
  16. Intelligence Augmentation: smart dog collar
  17. Intelligence Augmentation: choral plugin
  18. Social Networking: musicians’ hookup
  19. Restore airstream
  20. Summer picnic for friends

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