I quit facebook (again)!

But unlike the last time, I think this one has finally done it. I deleted my facebook account 32 days ago. Yesterday I checked (tried to log in with my old username and password) and it said it had no record of me! Which is great, because I tried this once before, several years ago, and it DID let me in (after a year of me wrongly believing I’d successfully deleted the account).

One weird thing: facebook asked me if I was buzz.trumpet.vancouver@gmail.com, which is a gmail account I have. And it asked me if I wanted to log in with my name and that account ID. Presumably it would create a new facebook account with my name and that gmail ID, and would tell all my old facebook friends I was back on facebook. Definitely not what I would choose to do. Sneaky.

So now that I’ve gotten rid of facebook I’ll probably start using my old bluesmarties.com site again. I also have an Adobe website (robbins.media) which I might use more frequently, as well. I also have a substack account (ianrobbins.substack.com)